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Our Partners

Rotary International

In 2014, SAM and Rotary partnered in the implementation of a 3-year, $150,000 Global Grant. The grant incorporates SAM's holistic approach and has been the primary source of funding for all Nutrition, Agriculture, and Water programs. The Rotary Club of Lincoln Nebraska has assisted with funding additional projects as well, such a SAM's 2015 borehole drilling program and the purchase of a second field vehicle, which essentially doubles SAM's reach. Rotary is more than just a funding partner, with many Rotarians actively assisting with the implementation of the projects.  

The Government of Zambia

SAM recognizes that the primary service provider in Zambia is and should be its own government. SAM works to strengthen government's existing development structures while many civil servants contribute to the actual execution of our initiatives. Our goat program uses government rural vets to monitor goat health; our nutrition program works in conjunction with the local health system, and our water program invests in Zambia's maintenance system while using their trained mechanics to implement at a community level.  Anything we can do to help in this building of local capacity also contributes to the sustainability of our efforts.

Chief Sipatunyana

SAM's catchment falls within the Sipatunyana Chiefdom, something we're very grateful for. The progressive Chief and his representatives have been nothing but supportive of SAM which has undeniably bolstered the success of our initiatives. As a Chief, His Royal Highness is in charge of 150 villages and is responsible for distributing justice and development throughout his subjects. SAM and Chief Sipatunyana have partnered to conduct a rapid, cost-effective evaluation of his chiefdom's hand pumps using traditional communication networks and GIS technology. His Royal Highness also has used the trained V-WASHE committees to conduct a mass latrine construction program and his representatives act as liasons between SAM and the communities. 

UVic C-op and Queen Elizabeth Scholars

Since 2015, SAM has been utilizing the talents of UVic's students through the Cooperative Education Program. This program connects students with work experience relevant to their field of study. In 2016, the UVic Co-op program became a participant in the Queen Elizabeth Schlarship program, which funds students performing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) work in Commonwealth countries. This program provides SAM's interns with the financial support needed to volunteer abroad in between semesters at university. 

The Community Members

All of SAM's initiatives are comprised of and propelled by rural Zambians. They are the gardeners, mothers, and hand-pump committee members within our programs, and it is their determination, creativity, and cooperation that achieves those programs' results. They are our closest partners and our greatest teachers. Without them, SAM's impact would be non-existent. 

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