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Helping Out With an Empty Wallet

Fundraising: You, your family, or your class can help raise funds for SAM to enable more projects and more benefit. Whether it’s a social media campaign, a silent auction, or simply a good intention, we’d love to share ideas and provide you with the information and materials you need to make your fundraiser a success. Contact us.

Spreading the Word: You own something of incredible potential - a social network full of hidden expertise, funding, and the will to do good. We whole-heartedly believe that together we can gather and channel that potential to change the lives of others. Every donation, project, and partnership started with an introduction. A Facebook share is an easy start, but please contact us to see how we can more effectively realize the power of your network.

Join the Conversation: We’d love to hear your questions, doubts, suggestions, ideas, questions, and experiences. We’re always looking to improve our methodology and share the lessons we’ve learned. Whoever you are, fellow developer or not, we’d love to hear from you. Please, give us a shout.

Join Us On the Ground: Interested in joining our team in a more involved manner? We're open to intern applications - send your resume to along with a brief explanation of why you think you could be an asset to SAM and why you want to work in Zambian development. 

On behalf of those suffering pointlessly, walking kilometers to water and failing to feed their children, The SAM Project thanks you for your time. We recognize that reaching out to people and asking for their time or money is uncomfortable. So, we applaud your selflessness and promise that every resource gained will be spent effectively and efficiently. 

In the language of those you're helping, Twalumba Kapati.

(Thank you very much)


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