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How to donate: You can click the link below to donate an amount of your choice via pay pal or credit card. Also, you can e-transfer or mail a cheque to 85 Jane Place, Comox, BC, Canada, V9M 3N4. For larger donations, please contact us so we can collaborate to make sure your hard earned money yields the most benefit possible. 

Tax receipt? Since SAM is a registered charitable organization, we are eligible to issue tax receipts for donations over $20. The receipts are mailed out every January for donations made in the preceding calendar year via email. If you would like your receipt mailed physically, or require further information, please contact us.

On behalf of those suffering pointlessly, walking kilometers to water and failing to feed their children, The SAM Project thanks you for your gratuity. You parted with your hard-earned money in order to help someone you do not know, half a world away: something we think deserves to be celebrated. We applaud your selflessness and promise that every dollar will be spent effectively and efficiently. 

In the language of those you're helping, Twalumba Kapati.

(Thank you very much)


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