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Nutrition Access


Protein-rich food is severely lacking in our area of operation, causing stunting and wasting amongst a large proportion of the children within the community. Local women have ideas on how to bridge the gap in their children's diets but lack the resources to implement them.

Our micro loan program allows for women to start projects targeting this issue of protein deficiency, such as cowpea farming and communal chicken coops. This micro loan initiative guarantees that women not only have knowledge regarding what their children need, but also the self-sufficiency and practical skills to actually provide these foods.

Emergency Supplements

Despite the fact that there have been great efforts for education and gaining access to healthful diets, sometimes it is not enough. For children who are unable to reach the nutritious diets that are valuable to their wellbeing, high-energy protein supplements (HEPS) are supplied to them. At the time being SAM is currently trying to partner with companies to get access to HEPS for all children who need them.

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