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  • 8 hand pumps maintained by local stakeholders

    • Improved water access for 1600 people​

  • 4 Afridev hand pumps installed

    • Re-introduced water access for 800 people​

  • 119 V-Washe (Village - Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Education) committee members trained in hand pump maintenance, sanitation, hygiene, record keeping, committee management, and community dynamics

    • Secured long-term water access for 3200 people

  • Afridev VLOM (Village-level Operation and Maintenance) hand pump introduced to Zimba District through

  • Training of 18 mechanics in Afridev installation and maintenance, the establishment of a supply chain of Afridev spare parts, and the installation of 4 demonstration pumps

    • Removed barriers preventing Government and NGOs operating in the area from installing a much more breakdown-resistant pump model in catchment of 70,000 people

  • 1 earthen catchment dam and canal irrigation system constructed

    • Introduced water access and significant agricultural potential (fishing, livestock, gardening) for 1000 people

  • Sponsored government erosion-response program to protect existing irrigation infrastructure from rain-related failure

    • Saved 2 failing dams continuing water and agricultural potential to 3000 people

  • 70 goats owned by rural farmers sold in urban market through Lubemba Cooperative  

    • Income generation for 200 people

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